The techniques, approaches, skills and mindsets of the best riders in the world.
We hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  We spent the following week in the mountains of southern California.
Chris, Keith and I joined three of our graduates for some epic street riding and you know what all six riders did exactly the same despite different bikes, tires, and riding experience?  Brake lights shining every single time we entered a blind corner (and there were hundreds).
ANY and EVERY time we entered a blind corner we applied just enough brake pressure to put the pads against the rotors and turn on the brake light. Yes, it was to control our speed, steering geometry, and contact patch…but also to prepare ourselves for the unexpected. We were ready…and this technique isn’t just for blind corners in SoCal canyons…you can win roadracing championships with it too.
Imagine riding through a blind downhill corner and all of a sudden there is a garbage truck parked on the side but taking up half of your lane?  It actually happened to us in the mountains above Malibu and all we could say was “Thank God we can all use our brakes mid-corner with no drama”.  It really is a life-saver and motorcycle-industry grower.
Enjoy our 2019 schedule and keep lighting that brake light for safety and enjoyment.

– Nick Ienatsch

The part you’ve all been waiting for…. the 2019 Schedule:
  • Feb 11-12, ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch *
  • March 11-12, ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch *
  • March 28-29, ChampSchool, Willow Springs Streets Course
  • March and/or April – Palm Beach Raceway  (TBD)
  • April 8-9, ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch *
  •  May 20-21, ChampSchool, Pittsburgh International Race Complex *
  • June 17, ChampDay, New Jersey Motorsports Park
  • June 18-19, ChampSchool, New Jersey Motorsports Park
  • July 22-23, ChampSchool, New Jersey Motorsports Park *
  • July 29-30, ChampSchool, The Ridge Motorsports Park
  • August 19-20, Pittsburgh International Race Complex
  • September 2, MotoSchoolooza, New Jersey Motorsports Park
  • September 3-4, ChampSchool, New Jersey Motorsports Park
  • October 14-15, ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch *
  • November 11-12, ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch *
  • Dec 7, ChampDay and ChampStreet, Arizona Motorsports Park
  • December 9-10, Champschool, Inde Motorsports Ranch *

* Indicates these dates will also host ChampDay on day one and ChampGrad on day two.

See the full schedule and register by clicking here.
A few points to highlight:
  • MotoSchoolooza is back:  MotoSchoolooza is a day of Motorcycle Training for all riders on any type of bike.  For some, it was a way to get introduced to riding on a track the right way but without the expense of leather suits, etc.  For others, it was just a safe place to learn and practice real-world speed maneuvers.  The United States Motorcycle Association loves this “Intro to the track” program and want to see more of them.  For the track riders on a budget, it is the best program available to learn Champions Habits; the techniques the best riders in the world use to go so fast without falling down.
  • Tight on Budget? You will see the asterisk (*) after some of the dates.  We tinkered with this in 2018 and have decided to implement it in some schools in 2019.  ChampDay within a ChampSchool.  We’re told our biggest hurdle is price yet when we offer a $500 ChampDay class right before a $2200 ChampSchool, the ChampSchool sells out almost every time yet the ChampDay struggles.  Because of our new format of dividing up into groups, we can now offer the less expensive ($600) ChampDay program during the first day of most ChampSchools.  We don’t want to give up on the budget program because grads tell us it is the second-best riding school program in the country(can you guess what is first?).  ChampDay within a ChampSchool will continue to be BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike).
  • GO: Graduates Only: All ChampSchools in 2019 will have a single-day ChampGrad option.  ChampGrad will happen on the second day of all ChampSchools.  ChampGrad is for graduates only and is BYOB only.  ChampGrad will be a very small group (1-3 students) who will get their own instructor for the entire day to work on what they need.  There will be lots of filming and reviewing and we hope to add some data acquisition and review to this program.
  • Florida! We’re adding Florida for the winter.  It’s a bit last-minute but we had the opportunity to get our demo fleet to Florida for the winter and have been talking with the management of Palm Beach International Raceway; we both seem eager to make something happen.  Please email us and let us know if you are interested in a Florida class.
  • The Streets of Willow: We’ve moved our southern California class to the Streets of Willow at Willow Springs.  Buttonwillow is FUN but more fun and fast than technical which makes it a bit more challenging to teach on.  Willow Springs was designed to do the type of teaching we do and has a better selection of hotels and restaurants so we figured we would switch it up a bit this year.
  • The Ridge in Washington: Back by popular demand, YCRS will host another ChampSchool in conjunction with Track Time, LLC at the Ridge at the end of July when weather in the Northwest becomes perfect.
  • Pitt Race: We’ve made Pittsburgh our east coast season opener. Some silly little planes called the Blue Angels got in the way of our May dates at NJMP and we just happen to be driving right past Pitt Race on our way to “Joyzee” so why not stop and offer ChampSchool at the beginning of the season to what is quickly becoming a favorite track of all riders east of the Mississippi?  We know we are in love with the track and the people in Pittsburgh!
  • Bring us your group! We would be remiss if we didn’t mention ChampTeam.  ChampTeam is our corporate team-building program where we use the challenge and excitement of learning to ride motorcycles on a racetrack like real pros to excite your staff or your customers.  Reach out for more details on ChampTeam as it is really taking off…just ask the Young Presidents Organization.
As always…no matter where we teach, when, or to whom…one thing remains constant:  We’re going to give you 110% and hope that you will trust the YCRS team to take your riding to the next level.  It’s worth it!



In other news, there are still six (6) shiny 2017 Yamaha R6 bikes in AZ just looking for new owners.  $8200 is a steal and these WILL go for more if Yamaha takes them to auction after the first of the year.  There are also two (2) Yamaha FZ-10s available in AZ for $9,000 as well.
32 out of 40 bikes are gone so reach out to get one of the last eight left.  We gotta make room for the 2019s!